Advanced SMS services for system integration.

The SMS-Gateway provides advanced users unlimited possibilities to integrate SMS in their systems. Whether you are developing a brand new product, or enhancing your existing solutions – when it comes to SMS, our simple and powerful API will provide everything you need.

  • High capacity – able to quickly and reliably handle thousands of messages
  • Global coverage, send messages to billions of people at almost any destination
  • Choose your preferred protocol from HTTP/HTTPS, SMPP or SOAP (web service)
  • Optionally receive incoming SMS to virtual numbers, for two-way communication, campaigns, registrations and more.
  • Send verification codes or one-time login credentials to your customers (flash-sms)
  • Send notifications on order status, reminders or personalized offers

Need assistance with development? Our experienced integration consultants can help you create a customized solution that will fit your specific requirements.

Dynamic Originators
Ability to chose Alphanumeric up to 11 characters, numeric up to 15 digits

Delivery Receipts
Delivery receipts enables you to track the delivery status of a SMS

Advanced Error Codes
Detailed description of why any SMS failed to reach the handset within its validity time

Concatenated SMS
Enabling messages longer than 160 characters

Flash SMS
SMS sent directly to the handset screen instead of the inbox

Message Encoding
GSM / ASCII / Binary / Latin-1 / UCS2 / UTF-16BE supported

Choose Expiry Time
Define your own expiry times on a per message basis

Choose Preferred Protocol
HTTP/HTTPS, SMPP or SOAP (web service)