Easy handling of incoming SMS from your customers.

SMS2Mail makes messaging easy. Receive SMS from your customers directly in your mailbox. A perfect way for small businesses to communicate with customers.
Use this service to take orders, book appointments, run competitions or receive feedback. You no longer need to have a mobile phone to receive SMS.

  • Use any mail client, for example Outlook, to recevie SMS messages
  • Use the normal functions of your mail client to sort, search and filter messages
  • Can be used together with our Mail2SMS service for two-way communication
  • Can be integrated with your existing systems

When you subscribe to this service, you will be assigned a mobile phone number (known as a “virtual number”), to which your customers can send messages.

The messages will then be delivered to an E-mail address of your choice.

The emails you receive will be in the following format:

To: <your mail address>
Subject: SMS received from <senders phone nr>

Originating address: <customers phone number>
Destination address: <your assigned virtual number>
Originating Message Center address: <customers location>
<message text from customer>